Exterior Services Continued....
Executive Wash Consists of:

Exclusive No-Rinse Premium Hand Wash (Uses only 1 Gallon of water!!) Wheels/Tires are cleaned and dressed. Windows are cleaned.

Pricing: $30-40

Additional Services that can be added to any Detail Package
  • Over Spray Removal: $40
  • Convertible Top Cleaning/Protectant: $35
  • Complete Engine Detail/Protectant: $40-60
  • Interior vacuuming/wipe down on Executive Wash: $10
  • Leatherique Leather Rejuvination process: $100

Protect your new vehicle with our New Vehicle Protection Package!!
When you purchase a vehicle new, it's been sitting on the lot in the elements for who knows how long. Dealerships have inexperienced detail shops that attempt to clean up the vehicle for it's sale. They end up causing more harm to your vehicles finish than they do good. Let AutObessions make your vehicle look better than new and help protect your new investment!!
  • Complete 2-Step Detail plus..
  • Clay barring
  • Interior cleaning and protectant (Scotch Guard/Aerospace Protectant) on all surfaces
Prices Starting at: $175
Winter Prep Package

Full Exterior Decontamination including IronX bathe, Hand Washing and Clay Bar treatment.

Exterior mirrors, windows, trim, tires, wheels, and wells are all cleaned, treated and dressed as needed.

All painted surfaces receive multiple coats of our durable Synthetic Sealants to ensure even coverage and maximum durability for Winter Months. In addition, Wheels and windows are also sealed to combat corrosion from road salt and brine.

Prices Starting at: $175