Exterior Services
**4-Step Complete Detail Includes:**

All 2 and 3-Step Complete Detail services with the addition of a second Paint Correction step to help eliminate harsher swirling, scratches, light oxidation, spider webbing and other paint ailments.

*Recommended for neglected or older vehicles. Perfect for vehicles run through automatic car washes or owners looking for MAXIMUM shine*

Pricing Starts at: $295

**Complete Paint Correction/Concours Level Detail:**

Those looking for the ultimate detail, look no further. This service is geared toward the ultra discriminating owner, the perfectionist, the exotic car owner, the car collector, the show car owner and the owner looking to revive their dated paint. One of the few detailers who perform true corrections, our service is more of an art than a detail. Imagine paint so deep, so wet, so reflective, you'll swear it was a new paint job; all at a fraction of the cost. We utilize paint thickness gauges to measure for uneven painted surfaces and halogen and other artificial lighting to reveal holograms, swirling and other imperfections in painted surfaces. All aspects of paint are corrected with an end goal of PERFECTION. Various and Numerous Paint Correction steps are taken to achieve that  goal. Corrections take anywhere from 6-30hrs.

Pricing Starts at $75 per hour.
Consultation prior to services rendered.

For Additional information on packages, pricing and scheduling, feel free to give us a call @ 856-906-2454 or email us @ autobsessions@yahoo.com