Boat and Plane Services
AutObsessions offers many services and packages to return your Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, Boat, and even Airplane to Showroom condition!!!


Interior Services:
  • Full Interior Detail
$10 Per Foot of Interior Space

Exterior Services:
  • 1-Step Exterior Detail (Wash and Wax)
$15 Per Foot
  • 2-Step Exterior Detail (Wash, Polish and Wax)
$20 Per Foot
  • 3-Step Exterior Detail (Wash, Compound and Wax)
$25 Per Foot

Planes and other Aircraft:

Please Call us at 856-906-2454 for pricing
A Must For Boats and Planes

A boats Gel Coat should be compounded, polished and waxed to remove and prevent the build up of oxidation and other damaging particles. This service should be done at least once a year prior to the boat seeing water.

FAA regulations insist a complete waxing of a planes exterior surfaces. Trust the pros with your private craft. Complete polishing and waxing of your aircraft to restore a like new appearance and efficient flying.